The Advanced Design services of the Nobel Automotive Group develop specific mixtures with unique properties to meet the most demanding of specifications.
The group uses resins based on EPDM, EVA, FKM, CSM, and CPE... The Nobel Automotive solutions meet the most severe criteria in terms of flexibility, permeability, high temperature and low or medium pressure. 

The means of extrusion include elastomer mono-layer and multi-layer lines, dual-layer plastic barrier lines, vulcanization by line or by batch. Each line is managed by computer supervision and includes a set of checks ranging from material procurement to size inspection. The traceability of each part is provided during all the production processes: from ingredient mixing to the delivery of the finished part.
The manufactured pipes include the option of reinforcement by braiding, spiral winding, knitting or other means, with different types of synthetic fibres (polyamide, polyester, aramide, etc) or metal fibres (stainless steel).

This production tool can be used for manufacturing line by the meter, or for producing finished and shaped parts.